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Discover the Difference with Duck River Welding

Are you searching for someone who can bring your ideas to life? Look no further than Duck River Welding. We pride ourselves on our ability to take your concepts and turn them into reality. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to quality, we are dedicated to helping you solve problems and create exceptional projects.

Our journey began when life led Matt Harness back to his family's farm. Seeking a hobby to occupy his time, he purchased his first Lincoln welder. Little did he know that this decision would ignite a deep passion within him for supporting team growth and constructing remarkable creations.

It all started with a significant project that required the transportation of 25-30 tons of sand to a location inaccessible by dump trucks. Given the opportunity, Matt was tasked with repairing several sand hoppers and restoring them to usable condition. This experience became the catalyst for his journey into the formation of Duck River Welding.  Not only did he successfully fix the hoppers, but word quickly spread, and other sister stores sought his expertise for their own hopper repairs. Doing so has allowed Matt to apply his unique touch, enhancing product durability and extending the intervals between servicing.

During this time, a fascinating opportunity emerged. A group approached Duck River Welding with an idea for a lentil storage solution. Matt and his dad Randy built the initial prototype and after listening to customer feedback, modified the design to make it exactly what the customer needed. These storage solutions are still in active production today with more than 125 of them in use from the heart of Georgia all the way to Kentucky.

At Duck River Welding, we offer a comprehensive range of customizable products, including racks, hoppers, baggers, and cubing tables. Whatever your specifications, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that meet your specific needs. However, our passion extends beyond our products. We are committed to helping others grow and succeed. That's why we are thrilled to welcome our first apprentice this year. Together, we share a common vision of equipping the next generation with valuable life skills in the trades. Matt envisions a shop bustling with young individuals, dedicated to crafting the finest products for the block and brick industry nationwide.

When you choose Duck River Welding, you choose excellence, innovation, and a team that is dedicated to turning your ideas into masterpieces. Experience the difference today.

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